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IN TOUCH HOME CARE is focused on providing high-quality service and client satisfaction. Our office is located in Morehead City, NC. With our experienced caregivers you will know you have picked the right home care. We take pride in how we handle our care for the elderly. We understand the importance of keeping an elderly one in their home as long as possible. It is also very important for them to stay independent. With our home care aides we are able to make this possible. We provide safe companionship and we also provide the assistance you would need to continue living an ordinary life as always right in the comfort of your own home. We care for any age who may need us. It could be a new mother who just came home from the hospital, someone recuperating from surgery, or maybe just providing respite care for the family in need of a break. We specialize in care for those who suffer from dementia/alzheimers.

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DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMERS, is a disease that affects not only the person who has it but also takes a toll on the caregiver may it be the spouse, family member or a friend. There are so many different ways that this disease can affect someone. In some, the person can be ok with anything while others become somewhat irate at almost anything. In Touch Home Care has plenty of experience in this field because a large percentage of our client's have dementia or alzheimers. Our aides we send into our client's home are experienced in knowing what to do and how to handle any situation that may arise. Our main focus is to make sure they are safe and try to give them a calm environment because of all the confusion they are experiencing. They deserve a functioning, living environment, so if they are mobile we love to take them out and spend quality time with them. We love to play games and have great conversations with them, but most of all we love to show our love to all!

PARKINSON DISEASE, is another disease that a lot of us are aware of and have in our own family or know of some one with Parkinson. Again, a caregiver of the home who is with a loved one all the time needs a break too so they can give it their best when they are caring for their loved one. We would love to send one of our aides in to give you a break and some respite time.

CAREGIVER BURNOUT is so common among a person who is taking care of their loved one and they have very little time for themselves. Irritability is often the first sign, along with frustration and also sadness followed with guilt. Respite support is so important to give the at home full-time caregiver a break so that when they get their much needed break they will return refreshed and ready to take on several more hours of tending to their family member. The caregiver has something to look forward to knowing they will have someone from a home care agency to come take care of their family member. We all have emotional needs and we need to take care of ourselves as well. We can help you in this time and need. Our caregivers will provide you with peace and comfort as you are taking time out for you.

Our goal is to keep the same caregiver(s) in your home, however there may be times due to situations with your aide assigned, we will have to do a fill in. This is a common situation among home care companies. We will have them call and greet you over the phone so you can get acquainted if it is not an emergency fill in.

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3328-D Bridges Street

Morehead City, NC 28557

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252-726-6780 / 252-726-6783

Fax - 866-231-2339

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New Bern - 252-636-1006

Swansboro/Cape Carteret


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Our company is based on Christian principles.

We strive to live by morals and values by the faith we have in Jesus Christ.