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Why should I consider hiring a home care agency over hiring my own private aide?  ​While it fine to hire your own personal aide, you may run into several issues.  Some of the problems we have heard from clients who started off with their own aides being hired privately was:

1.  Aides not showing up on time

2.  No show of aide(s) at all when their shift was to begin

3. Not reliable

4. No immediate replacement to turn to

5. No insurance on the aide and also are not bonded

If you go through a home care agency you are assured:

1. If our aide is not able to be there we will immediately let you know first and then we will make sure it is ok to send in

     a replacement aide to help you with your care.

2. We strive to make sure you always have an aide and do not have to go without the care that you need.

3.  We strive also to make sure our aides are very reliable so we do not have a lot of issues with them.

4. We have insurance required to cover all of our aides. They are also bonded and have had extensive background checks run on them.

5.  They have the experience from many years of providing care and also have been trained in our facility as needed.

6.  You will be assigned a scheduler who will be familiar with your care and you will work one on one with that particular person in all

      scheduling needs.

Can you provide assistance for only a few days a week only? Yes we can! We do ask for a minimum of at least 4 hours or more when we go into your home each day you need an aide.

Why does In Touch have a 4 hour minimum? After years of experience we have come to realize our aides are committed long term when they have quality time with their clients and can meet the client's needs without being rushed. It also prevents you, our client from having many different aides going into your home. Also we feel it prevents less accidents because the client is not being rushed on a short time schedule. With us being in the home with a minimum it gives the aide and the client more time to implement the needs the client may need before the aide leaves for the day.

Can your aide take me to my doctor visits, pharmacy and other areas I may need to go to?

Our aides are insured and ready to provide transportation for you. They can drive their cars or they can drive your car if available. There is a mileage of .50 per mile if the aide drives their car. They keep up with the mileage and the client will need to initial with agreement.

I can take care of myself personally, however I need assistance in housekeeping, light meals and taking me to the salon. Is this possible? This is certainly possible. We specialize in helping in all areas of the home. We realize it is important for our clients to be able to stay independent as much as possible and we are there to make it easy in areas that may be needed.

Are your caregivers bonded, covered with workman's comp and also have they been background checked? All of our aides are covered with the above insurance. Also we run extensive background checks on each one before we ever assign them to your home. We also will run drug test periodically.

Am I locked in to a long term contract with your company? No. We have you sign a service contract which does not bind you in anyway. The only thing we do ask if you were to no longer need our company to please give us a 48 hour notice so we can begin placing our aides with another new client.

My parents need 24/7 care and they want to stay in their home. Is this possible with your aides coming in and staying with them. Yes we provide 24/7 care. We normally do them in 8 hours increments: 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm and 11pm -7am. We do not charge more for weekends.

What is the procedure to get care for my loved one? After you decide you would like us to help you, we will send our RN out to your loved ones home to do an assessment and create a care plan. The RN will go over the information with you and explain how we operate. She will leave information with you in regards to your care. She will bring your assessment back and will turn it over to our office coordinators who will begin looking for the aides to be assigned. After they have assigned your aides they will contact you to let you know when they will be going for their first care visit. If time permits we like to introduce your aide in person during the initial assessment, however there are times we may have them call you beforehand to introduce themselves and also to verify directions to your home. We will also be providing monthly calendars to you with your assigned hours. Each client is assigned to their own scheduler through In Touch Home Care so when you call our office you will be speaking to the scheduler that knows you from the beginning.

Do you provide sitting care in a hospital or rehab facility for patients who can not be left alone? Yes we do. When we are assigned a client who is in the hospital or rehab facility we are there for safety reasons only per their rules. We do not provide care for them without an employee of the hospital or facility doing the actual care. We can assist the employee with the client we are assigned to but we can not do it alone. You can rest assure safety is our up most important priority and our job is to make sure they are not alone to where they could fall or be injured.

Do your aides have training before they are actually employed with your company? Our newly employed aides go through two types of orientation. One is the company policy, rules and instructions of what is expected from them. They are presented with a company manual as well. The other part is the RN's instructions of proper procedures of handling patients care and the correct way of skills that are involved. They are also given in-service training twice a year and sometimes even more. We have mandatory meetings at times with the aides to go over anything new or issues that need to be discussed.



We have expanded our training for our aides. Our orientation, documentation, in service and skills are all now in a training room located at our office. We are excited about the changes we have made in our training. We feel this will benefit our new aides that we hire as well as our in- service training for those employed with us now. We have the equipment needed to make sure you have the skills when you are assigned your client.